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About Us

About Charlie Brannon

My passion is you!  Getting to see you become aware of who you are, Why you are here, and partner with you on your journey to see your dreams become reality, going way beyond becoming a hunting guide.  Charlie holds an AA, BA, and MDIV degree and is an Advanced life Coach with Life Impact LLC. Circle K Ranch has been in our family for 37 years and Rustic Aspenfurniture was created 16 years ago, but this will be our first year to open the new Life Designs Institute. Having guided for over 20 years, I will be your coach on this life skills training opportunity that has completely changed my life and I'm certain it can yours also.

Why we are passionate

Vanessa Horabuena, a great friend and part of the Circle K Ranch Staff and family, created this in our home in a matter of hours, her fingers as brushes, and we believe that as we coach, just as quickly and amazingly we can see transformation happen in our lives when we are connected to our creator who loves us and knows us! There's no religion offered in what we do only genuine relationship and connection with yourself, others, and a love and power possibly greater than we have ever considered.

The Bottom Line

We realize you will not spend the rest of your life being a hunting guide, but you will spend the rest of your life.  And how and why you do is your choice.  As a guide at Circle K,  you will become the very best, offering an amazing opportunity to our clients to experience all that the San Juan's offer. The way we coach you for 8 weeks to do that will dramatically apply to both your guiding and your life. There is no place in our country quite like the majestic San Juan Mountains.  This will change you, and you will have the opportunity to share that positive change with the awesome hunters who are preparing to experience the hunt of a life time this fall at Circle k Ranch. 

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Your time with us this season is all described in detail in the later forms you will receive .  We provide your housing and 3 meals a day at the Circle K Ranch, and this will continue through the bow season in August and September and the rifle seasons through November if you are chosen to join the Circle K Team. $3900 for the 8 weeks intensive coaching (approx. 80 % in the mountains training) $900 for  Wilderness first aid and CPR, $1900 for Equine training and Packing.  

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Allow us to help you design the Life you Love beginning June 25th - August 17th 2018

Your choice of where and who you will spend this summer with will effect the rest of your entire life.  Choose well!